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Open Edition


Open Edition is a creative thesis project proposed by Flatbed Splendor, which explores the philosophy of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) through the medium of the artist's book.


In this exploration, the artist's book is considered as both for its potential as a free information technology and as a free cultural work. As such, Open Edition will attempt to extend the Free Software Foundation's "four kinds of freedom" to the users of the artist's book. This extension begins as an attempt to establish a Free Book Definition.


This wiki is the organizational hub for the Open Edition project, serving both as a means for experimentation and as a forum for discussion. Anyone is invited to join the wiki and begin editing content and/or commenting. Two great places to start are the Events and Discussion pages.


In addition to joining the Open Edition community, you are invited to e-mail Flatbed Splendor directly with specific questions regarding the Open Edition project.

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